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2017 Manifestation Retreat

January 26-29th

The Weekend Retreat was a success!

Set at the beach resort of Long Beach Island, NJ,

 In this 4 day weekend of empowerment and pampering, participants explored: 

  • what you truly want

  • what is holding you back

  • how to control stress before IT controls you

  • the power of your true spiritual nature

  • the power of your mind and how to make it work in your favor

  • how to heal your body

  • about angels, guides, divine timing and tools for enhanced clarity and healing like crystals, essential oils, tarot cards

  • how to show yourself love

  • the language of manifestation

  • how to CREATE your reality not live with reality

  • how strong you are

  • and so much more!



¨ Personal development/spiritual counseling session

¨ Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork/ Energy Healing

¨ Chi Gong/ Yoga

¨ Guided Meditations with sound healing

¨ Pampering spa mini-treatments

¨ Empowerment exercises

¨ Understanding and activating the Law of Attraction

...Discovering the power of your mind

... Uncovering your deepest desires

...Dance/Movement Sessions

¨ Stress management/prevention tips

¨ Self– acupressure techniques

¨ Using essential oils for healing

¨ Guided journaling

¨ Developing intuition

¨ Manifesting Desires

¨ Vision Board Making

-- Adding to your spiritual toolbox

-- Intuitive Readings

¨ Delicious Healthy meals- with Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options as well as normal diet options

- Walking the beach

Click here to view the basic schedule

Led by your guides in the Journey into Joy Experience!

Learn more about your facilitators Jakki, Pam, Colleen and Malia by clicking HERE 

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