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LIFT Concert Workshop with Jakki Gioia

Have FUN at this event designed to raise your vibration!

Feel    ●  Peaceful  ●   Grounded   ●   Pampered   ●   Uplifted   ●   Loose   ●   Energized  

 Get    ●  Inspired    ●   in touch with your emotions   ●    get your groove on!

Raise your intuition    ●    Connect  with your guides   ●   Free your spirit    


●  live music  ●  dance  ●   movement exploration  ●   guided meditations ●  qi gong ●   self-massage ●  essential oils  ●  guided channeling ●  inspirational messages ●  clearing and protection techniques  ●  affirmations  ●   delicious cacao truffles ● singing bowls

"I LOVED it! It was so much fun." - Kelly, MD

"It was Fabulous!"- Lisa, NJ

"Jakki is a gifted teacher with a beautiful voice!"- Jennifer, MD

"Lots of spiritual learning and tools to take home."- Bridgette, MD

"Be prepared for more joy and peace. It was very relaxing."-Susan, NJ

"Loved the dancing, singing, chanting and awesome meditations!"- Marie, NJ

"This workshop was very inspirational and enlightening. It made me feel joy and happiness inside."- Jeannie, MD

"Each activity is relevent for anyone. I liked the # of activities and how it switched up. I feel like I'm walking out of here with more clarity."- Lauren, MD

"Jakki's Journey into Joy was Spellbinding! It was a blend of meditation, enthusiasm and fun. Truly a Joyful experience."- Denise, NJ

"Jakki is an absolute joy. She will delight and inspire you to discover the best version of you"- Dustin, NJ


"So nice to be refreshed with Jakki's energy and passion."- Joe, NJ

"Thank you Jakki. This is a beautiful way to connect with our human experience. Your honest, raw story gives me hope & inspired courage. So glad to have joined in the celebration!" - MJ, NJ

"It exceeded my expectations. Was exceptionally calming which I needed after a long work week"- Jennifer, NJ

Go out on a Friday nite and do something non-alcoholic and good for you!


Download the worksheet here>>



When: Monday, August 31, 2020

Where: Online from your home Live on Facebook

Cost: NO Charge, Donations accepted

Attire: Comfortable clothes to move in

Bring: Pen, paper or journal, lotion, essential oils, drum or other instrument if you like to play


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