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It is  time to celebrate the Divine Feminine in us by sharing our gifts, love, laughter, support, guidance & the beauty within us. We will meet from the comfort of your home on zoom or in person in NJ. We will have a topic each month, featured speaker from our group, girlie food, girlie drinks, self-care goodies, opportunities to connect one-one, time to explore sensitive subjects, meditation, dancing, music and healing. It’s time for us all to RISE UP together and get the support we need to continue doing the work of raising the consciousness of the planet. Won't you join us?


1st meeting Wednesday, Feb 16th at 630

675 Buccaneer Rd, Manahwkin, NJ

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Do you need a time-out?

Are you feeling depleted, neglected, abused, spread too thin, not appreciated, worried, taken advantage of or tired of your needs not being important?

Loving ourselves is often the most challenging part of life, and yet it is not taught very well by our caretakers or in schools.

Come explore ways to feel loved and honor YOU. Discover habits and practices to integrate easily into your life that make a big impact!




LIFT Concert/Workshop

Relax. Energize. Get Inspired. Raise Vibration.


90 Min presentation being scheduled for Spring and Summer 2022