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You have every right to feel that way!


And while there is NO SiMPLE One Size Fits All Approach for everyone to turn their life around, this guide provides 20 TIPS for digging yourself out of the hole to reclaim your joy.  It comes with a handy poster to hang where you can easily see it to get a daily reminder of how to turn your luck around. 


A Note from Jakki Gioia, Author: I wrote this guide  as a result of my experience with bouncing back from 'failure' and starting my life over. The techniques I discuss helped me rebuild my life after divorce and relocation to find love again, start a new career, become a landlord, get my products in retail stores, establish myself as a musician on multiple platforms and build an audience on YouTube. When you 'show up' for yourself, the sky is the limit!


If you're ready for change, check this out...

i Matter



8 week transformation program

Proven techniques designed for rapid, permanent change

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