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Take a TIME-OUT with a SELF-LOVE retreat at Island Wellness Center on LBI, NJ! Join us for a day of transformation: relaxation, pampering, diving deep, replenishing your energy and unleashing your inner smile.


Day session:  9-5    $99

 (includes lunch & materials)- or

 Join us over the internet for a remote retreat for $75. 

Healing sessions available all day friday - sunday. Lodging available at extra cost. See below

Do you need a TIME-OUT? A chance to just be... or to heal? 

Join us for a weekend of transformation: relaxation,  pampering, diving deep, feeling supported, replenishing your energy, building confidence, healing and exploring unconditional love at our Weekend for ME! SELF-LOVE BEACH TREAT on LBI, NJ!

Scheduling for Sept 2022

Arrive Thursday or Friday. Healing sessions from Thursday 3-6 and throughout weekend.


"This retreat really was worth it! It helped and it WORKS!  - Amy 


Jessica Lake

Are you ready to release what weighs you down and embrace a new, fulfilling reality?  Join us as we dive into a level of unconditional love you have been yearning for!

We will have fun, play, explore, relax, share, bond and understand ourselves like never before. Isn't it time to get in touch with what you deserve? Isn't it time to LOVE your life? Clear the clutter of the "real world" and step inside yourself for a little while and enjoy the wonder of you! - Jakki Gioia

This powerful weekend of rejuvenation includes:

Group Workshop and Activites

In group sessions we explore

  • 27 ways to show yourself more love

  • 28 qualities of love and practical ways to apply them to life

  • manifesting with the law of attraction to draw your desires to you

  • how to attract more loving relationships

  • how to stand in your power

  • what is holding you back

  • communication skills

  • who you are and what is good for you

  • confidence building process, letting go process

  • ways to handle and prevent stress including use of essential oils, acupressure, massage, mindfulness, meditation, qi gong, movement and more!

  • connecting on a deep level with yourself and the group to feel supported

Yoga and dance

Morning Yoga and chi gong are designed to wake up energy and personal power. If weather permits, we may do this on the beach or around the pool. With Soul Dance, we will explore how our bodies move to free emotion and loosen the joints and have some fun!


Aimed to deeply relax and quiet the mind, our meditations will be a chakra balancing session with essential oils and a heart opening meditation to access the heart's desires and intuition.

Playtime: Arts & Crafts

We will be doing a creative project to remember the day so please bring pictures of yourself doing things you love or pictures of things you love.

You may also choose to go paddleboarding, biking, rent jet skis or do SUP Yoga during your free time.

Relaxation Time

Quiet time is built into the weekend to journal, walk the beach, go shopping or just sit by the pool and unwind. Healing sessions are also available by appointment during this time.

Variety of healthy meal options

Delicious food will include vegan/vegetarian options as well as gluten free. Options will be offered in advance and a dinner out may be possible on Saturday night. Always bring whatever would make your stay more enjoyable. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted during the day, and will be allowed at night as long as it is not in excess. This retreat encourages self-care and respect of the health and safety of all.

Healing and Coaching Sessions

Available pre-retreat Thursday 3- 9pm or during free time. Sessions should be booked in advance

Healing sessions may include: Massage therapy, Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, hot stone massage. You may also pair this with a body scrub, dry body brushing, sea salt and essential oil bath. These treatments must be reserved in advance.

Option 1: 1 hour healing session + body scrub and hot towels + bath= 120 min= $125

Option 2: 90 minute healing session (dry brushing optional)= $ 125

Option 3: 1 hour healing session (dry brushing optional)= $ 90

Option 4: 45 minute neck/shoulder/back/feet treatment or reiki= $ 60

Option 5: 30 minute neck/shoulder/back/feet treatment or reiki= $45

Customized aromatherapy session: get a custom blend for your personal physical or emotional needs.: $55 Add a massage with your scent to this service for $5 off the prices listed above.

Spiritual counseling: one-one session to explore the deeper sources of your challenges and find resolution. $75/ 1 hour

Intuitive reading: get a reading to explore what is going on with someone close to you or for yourself. For a reading of another person, please bring a picture of them. This typically take 20-30 min. : $20

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Prices below reflect the whole weekend experience arriving on thurs eve for gathering ceremony at 7:00pm and includes

  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner Friday and Saturday, Breakfast and lunch on Sunday, snacks, drinks, a pampering gift, and materials are included in the price. (Alcohol not included)

  • Treatments may be paid for at time of service, but please schedule them in advance.

Arrive on Friday evening by 7 and take $75 off the prices below.

Already have lodging on LBI? Come for the activities only for $400 (includes breakfast or lunch, snacks and dinner)

Queen Bed (3)

private room 1st and 2nd floor

Single Occupancy Rate: $750

Double: $575


Queen Bed

Single Occupancy Rate: $650

Double: $550


Twin Bed (2 side by side)

Single Occupancy Rate: $550

King Bed 1st Floor

with private bath

Single Occupancy Rate: $900

Double: $750

Full size futon 1st Floor

Single Occupancy Rate: $550

Credit cards and checks accepted.

Early bird: Reserve 90 days in advance and get a full 90 min treatment FREE! That's a $125 value! Must be paid in full. Upon sign-up you will be added to the Journey into Joy contact list for future communications about this or other events.


JOIN US and Do something FUN for YOU!

Call Jakki at 410-399-9737

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