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Create Your Own Retreat

There are several options to choose from. Contact us for more details. A Sample day includes:
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Yoga and dance

Start the day with yoga or chi gong to wake up energy and personal power. to loosen joints, focus on the body and explore how our own bodies move.  If weather permits, we may do this on the beach.

This segment runs from 8-9 am

Life Coaching

After yoga and breakfast, get a group session to explore topics of your choice including:

  • skills for preventing and relieving stressful situations

  • focus on ways to honor your self and show yourself love

  • ways to uplift and restore energy/vibration

  • guided meditation

  • getting the love you desire

  • life direction

This morning segment runs from 9-11

More group options

From 11:30-1pm Choose 1- 15 min session and 1- 30 min session


15 min segments

Guided Meditations

Clearing negative energies

Pampering spa mini-treatments

Learning to use your voice

Vocal performance or sing along


30 minute segments

Soul Dance

Chi Gong/ Stretch

Self– acupressure techniques for headache, upper respiratory conditions, anxiety, RLS, worry

Essential oils for healing

Developing intuition

Manifestation lesson

Working with crystals

Life Clarity session

Letting Go Process

Effective Communication Skills

Body Therapy

Schedule a private session. Available after lunch from 1:30- 6pm.

Choose from a variety of healing services:

Sessions may include Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Jin Shin Do Acupresure, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Myofascial Release, Stretching, Aromatherapy, Spiritual Counseling


Intuitive Readings & Coaching

Available after lunch from 1:30- 6pm. Advance scheduling needed.

Customized aromatherapy session: get a custom blend for your personal physical or emotional needs.: $45

Intuitive reading: get a reading to explore what is going on with someone close to you or for yourself. For a reading of another person, please bring a picture of them. This typically take 20-30 min.

: $20
Spiritual counseling: one-one session to explore the deeper sources of your challenges and find resolution. $55/ 1 hour

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For more info, Call Jakki at 410-399-9737 or fill out the form below

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