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Welcome "Camp is in Your Heart" campers!

Here you will find a curated collection as advertised on your postcard. Thank you for stopping by and I hope we can stay connected!

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Inner Child Poster

Download this poster to view on your phone or print to remind yourself how to nurture your inner child, because you can be your own best parent!

Healing Essential Oils

Use your 20% off coupon for any of our aromatherapy products made with high vibration, high quality essential oils. Find Peace, Love & Unwind, Skin Rescue, Happy Lotion, Baby Face and many more wonderful scents at 

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Soar When You're Feeling Defeated


Everyone goes through times when they felt frustrated or beaten down, but you can turn your life around. Let this handy FREE ebook give you a helping hand. It provides 20 TIPS for digging yourself out of the hole to reclaim your joy.  It comes with a handy poster to hang where you can easily see it to get a daily reminder of how to turn your luck around. 

Do you know what you want? 
Do you know your purpose?

Have you ever wondered why life seems so unfair?

Follow the Signs is an interactive self-help tool which guides the reader to understand the meaning of the events in his life as integral to his soull's purpose. It helps the reader answer the questions: "Why am I here?", "Why is life so unfair?", and "What do I really  want?"

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with this 28 day challenge 

Take a Journey into LOVE

Uncomplicate the process of love with this 28 day Journey to learn about the qualities of love and how to apply them to your relationships and to yourself. Get deeper in touch with you and what you want out of relationships with this inspiring and relatable audiobook. 


Available on YouTube or click below for the complete audiobook download 

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Are you Ready?


· To heal disappointments of the past and get the love you truly desire
· To STOP repeating patterns of the past and feel SUPPORTED & optimistic
· To be crystal CLEAR about what you WANT for your future and to GET IT
· To be HEARD and SEEN for the beautiful person you are 
· To STOP 2nd guessing yourself and move forward with CONFIDENCE
· To make YOUR needs IMPORTANT
Take the Ultimate Journey into Yourself and CLAIM YOUR POWER!

The Secrets togetting the Love you desire DVD.jpg

Looking for Love? Try this:


Dive into 15 Secrets to Getting the Love You Desire video course with heart healing meditation. Watch this video on Loving After Losing to discover a new perspective on why things haven't worked out and what to do next. Your success story could be right around the corner!
Love IS Possible!  
Keep Movin On.jpg

Enjoy Jakki's music on your phone, tablet or computer with these downlaods


Songs available:

  • Keep Movin' On

  • Letting You Go

  • You Have My Heart

  • Watch Me Fly

  • Here Without You

  • My Favorite Part

Relax and turn your thoughts to positive statements to manifest a happier life


Affirmations included for:

  • Feeling ease in the body

  • Feeling loved

  • Manifesting your desires

  • Uplifting

  • Gratitude

  • Money Manifestation

Transition Package


Know someone searching for purpose, in career transition or looking to get deeper in touch with themselves before making changes? This package is designed to support that process. Includes books, coaching session, aromatherapy & music.

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