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Thank you for downloading the guide: 3 Things You MUST DO to Protect Yourself from Energy Zappers
These techniques are guaranteed to release unwanted energies and fortify and restore your own energy field. These techniques work for everyone; you don't need to be a healer or empathic for them to work.
Please check your email for a message from Jakki Gioia and save me as a contact to continue to get notices of helpful information. I guarantee you will not be bombarded with daily emails. I will from time to time send notices of upcoming events, sales and helpful tips for keeping good health and living a good life.
Since you are interested in keeping yourself clear and protected from outside influences, you may consider this special offer I have created for you from my product line Divine Creations Aromatherapy. See it below...
Thanks again and be nice to yourself!
Love & Blessings,
Jakki Gioia

JOY clearing spray contains lemon, orange, cypress, sage & sandalwood to leave you feeling light & refreshed

Archangel Michael Spray and oil bring positive energies in and protect the aura from unwanted energies.

Baby Face Anti-aging moisturizer protects the skin and aura with EFA's, lavender & rose essential oils, vitamins & honey extracts

Get the Clearing & Protection Kit

for just $9.95 shipping included! Value ($22)

This offer will not be seen anywhere else. Take advantage NOW!


Clear Negative Energies, Uplift & Protect with this Sampler Set

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