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April 15th, 2017

Join us at Island Wellness Center on LBI, NJ at 9am for a day to replenish your energy, release stress and restore your inner smile. Group session runs 9-1. half hour break for Lunch

Healing sessions from 1:30-6

$59 + individual sessions extra

This day includes:

Yoga and dance

Before lunch, we will explore how our own bodies move  and feel a sense of freedom with the Soul Dance and do a mixture of yoga and chi gong to wake up energy and personal power. If weather permits, we may do this on the beach.

This segment runs from 11-1


Aimed to deeply relax and quiet the mind, our meditation will be a chakra balancing session with essential oils and emphasis on accessing the heart's desires and intuition.


This is included in the morning segment.

Therapeutic Massage

Available after lunch from 1:30- 6pm.

Choose 30 minute or 1 hour massage or bodywork session. Available services: swedish, deep tissue, Jin Shin Do®, craniosacral therapy, reiki, hot stone massage. You may also pair this with a body scrub, dry body brushing, sea salt and essential oil bath. These treatments must be reserved in advance.

Option 1: 1 hour massage/bodywork session + body scrub, hot towels and rinse off= 90 min= $100

Option 2: Body scrub, bath, 30 min massage= 90 min= $ 85

Option 3: 1 hour massage/bodywork combo (dry brushing optional)= $ 75 Add bath  + $10

Option 4: 90 minute massage/bodywork combo (dry brushing optional)= $ 120

Option 5: 30 minute massage/bodywork= $40

Option 6: 45 minute massage/bodywork= $ 60

Intuitive Readings & Coaching

Available after lunch from 1:30- 6pm. Advance scheduling needed.

Customized aromatherapy session: get a custom blend for your personal physical or emotional needs.: $45

Intuitive reading: get a reading to explore what is going on with someone close to you or for yourself. For a reading of another person, please bring a picture of them. This typically take 20-30 min.

: $20
Spiritual counseling: one-one session to explore the deeper sources of your challenges and find resolution. $55/ 1 hour

Group spiritual coaching

The day starts with a group session to

  • evaluate your successes and challenges

  • bring you into alignment with your true desires

  • teach you skills for preventing and relieving stressful situations

  • focus on ways to honor your self and show yourself love

This morning segment runs from 9-11

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Clicking the link below only enrolls you in the morning session. Treatments may be paid for the day of the event. You will also be added to the Journey into Joy contact list for future communications about this or other events.


Don't want to pay online? Call Jakki at 410-399-9737

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