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Let me take you on a journey within.. to Awaken your spirit, Release your pain and Bring more LOVE into your life. Discover the KEY to creating Heaven on Earth in this FREE Guide . You'll also get FREE meditations to expand clarity, protect your energy and discover your joy!

Hi! I'm Jakki Gioia (pronounced Joya). Welcome to YOUR Journey into Joy! In 2015 I got inspired  start an uplifting movement to bring you closer to your joy to reduce stress and anxiety and help you create your own version of heaven on earth. 

Would you like ?


  • freedom from pain

  • peace

  • clarity

  • direction

  • passion

  • purpose

  • motivation

  • uplifting

  • empowerment

  • abundance

  • to stop surviving and start thriving

  • LOVE

  • JOY!


You CAN create YOUR Heaven on Earth. It is all within your reach.

Find your smile with expert guidance through our  healing services including: therapeutic massage, Jin Shin Do acupressure, Reiki, Aromatherapy, books, music, inspirational YouTube videos,  workshops, webinars, retreats, and a transformational concert experience to lift your spirits and raise your vibration and improve self-love.

Start your journey with this powerful online course to Become the Power Manifestor you were born to be


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