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​Journey within... to Awaken your spirit, Heal the past, and Live in LOVE

​​Are you:

tired of hurting?

repeating the same stress over and over?

uncertain of what you want?

Let me help you release your struggles, get clear on what you want and find your way out of pain

with healthy ways to "escape" life. My combination of healing modalities 

can help you transcend your issues to create a life worth living. 


What does Heaven on Earth mean to you?

Peace? Freedom? Joy? Money? Love?  Health?

Heaven on Earth requires 3 things:

1. Being a conscious creator- (healing past hurts and choosing new)

2. Understanding Love- (defining it and living in it)

3. Faith- (belief in the possibilities that aren't yet here)

What does it mean to heal?

Healing implies resolution. Whether you have a kink in your neck or have had pain for years, with techniques and processes, we can get to the source of an issue and work on resolving it. That results in freedom from pain, stress, racing thoughts, anxiety and so on. Our techniques are rooted in ancient healing traditions. learn more about our healing services

Start your new chapter NOW! SIGN UP for a FREE Discovery Call to learn how I can help you heal and

  • Get clear on what you want

  • Uncover your hidden challenges that are sabotaging your happiness

  • Feel renewed, refreshed & re-energized to create the life of your dreams


Hi! I'm Jakki Gioia (pronounced Joya).

Thank you for stopping by!

  I am excited to be a part of your journey int joy! have spent my life helping others relieve their pain and have been on my own journey to understand life. After many years of learning, I feel I can explain what we often question to guide you into creating a life filled with love and well-being.  My journey led me to discover ways to heal the heart and open intuition so that complete healing can take place. I have rebounded from multiple challenges and now I'd like to help you discover the power within to create your own version of Heaven on Earth without the need for drugs or alcohol.  If you are ready to release what pulls you down, come see me. 

The mission of Journey into Joy is to provide ways to heal from the past and move forward with love, confidence and ease to create a joyful and fulfilling life.


Find inspiration and healing tips on my YouTube channelSubscribe to get notice of new videos. 

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Relieve physical and emotional stress with balancing treatments and coaching that have their roots in Ancient philosophies. Learn More.

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FIND YOUR VOICE. HEAL YOUR HEART. CLAIM YOUR POWER. Isn't it time you made your desires important? Let go of past hurts and stop repeating patterns with this all inclusive program designed to help you move forward fast and finally get the love you desire.  Learn More.


Attend online and in person workshops to improve self-love, improve relationships, relieve stress, learn healing modalities like Reiki and acupressure and get a LIFT to manifest more joy! Learn More.


Get motivated, uplifted and inspired with Jakki's original songs.  Learn More.


Come Sail Away! Attend a virtual or in person retreat or sailing excursion to unwind, rejuvenate and find your center. Learn More.


DOWNLOAD THIS EBOOK to help you bounce back and lifT you up when you're stuck. 

Get notice of our special events and sales when you download this free guide.

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BOOST MOOD with these high vibration essential oils designed to balance emotions.  Created by Jakki Gioia. Note: this link takes you off this site.


Discover more fun in this nifty Guide to

70 Inexpensive ways to Have Fun

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Lois, Jin Shin Do & Coaching Client

Thank you Jakki! Because of our session I was able to have a nice visit with my son and not feel like a burden to him.

Lisa, Jin Shin Do & Coaching Client

This session changed my life! I saw Jakki for a combination Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release and Jin Shin Do acupressure treatment. That day I was very tense and decided spur of the moment to extend the session to 90 minutes. BEST DECISION EVER!.
Jakki is a gifted healer...I felt like a new person when I left and I use the techniques we discussed on a daily basis to keep myself grounded. I cannot recommend her enough. Please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with her. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

Chris, Jin Shin Do & Coaching Client

Dealing with this break-up, I’ve been feeling kinda heavy lately, so I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s session. It was a turning point for me. I know I’ll need re-inforcement but I feel so grounded, so much more in control and guided. My sister said to me, “your energy is completely different! You don’t look so heavy and you have color back in your face.” I can honestly say I feel the difference.

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