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Colleen Humphries, 
Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master, Author, Speaker

My name is Colleen Humphries, RN. I am one of the co-creators of this amazing experience Journey Into Joy. Being a Best-Selling Author, speaker, former radio show host and Break Through Coach working with men and women to unleash the power of their minds, I help

people to break through any barrier to a success mindset.


As a registered nurse, I understand firsthand the challenges of balancing life's demands and

moving beyond burnout. My approach focuses on transforming your mindset to experience in

every area of your life, whether it's procrastination, self doubt, sabotage, overwhelm, or you

just feel stuck. I partner with you to quickly release blocks for your ultimate success - quick relief - lasting results. 

Being a Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master, and a student of Jack Canfield - The Canfield

Training Group "Maximizing Human Potential, I have successfully taken my clients through the

Universal Laws for more abundant lives personally and professionally. I have firsthand experience and learned what works and what does not work in using those Universal Laws.

My focus within your Journey Into Joy is getting you to that Joyful mindset, teaching you how to allow oneself to feel joy even in the midst of hardship and/or feeling unworthy. There are so many exercises that I teach you to use to show you the true power of your minds, so that you have a better understanding of why you feel like you cannot allow yourself to be or feel joy. I go even deeper into helping you to understand how every time you have an emotion there is a chemical release into the body, and repeatedly over time, that chemical release becomes a

constant and from there we create situations in our lives - less joy just happens to be one of them. 

I believe wholeheartedly that we are the creators of our situation and I know that we can change everything about ourselves by changing our thoughts, our beliefs, and the way we feel. As I work with you, I will show you proven techniques of the power of your mind, first hand, so

there is no doubt that you can change your circumstances if you choose to do so.

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Journey into yourself with these sessions by Colleen
The Body Code Mind Mapping Session
  • Remove emotional blocks stored in the body

  • Discover that the Subconscious Mind knows everything that’s really wrong with you

  • Tap into the Subconscious Mind to get answers instantly

  • Remove emotional pain and prosperity blocks, easily and quickly

Learn More about The Body Code System >>>

Success Coaching

1 hour breakthrough session-

Are You Ready for a Breakthrough in Your Life?

I partner with you to unleash the power of your mind to quickly release blocks for your ultimate success. Quick Relief! Lasting Results!

Who would you be if you had a breakthrough?  Even a small one can be huge!

Can you allow yourself the opportunity to have a breakthrough? 

What is the benefit of keeping things like they are?

“Two years ago my life seemed to be taking a downward spiral. Work, relationships, financial difficulties; nothing was going right in my life. I felt sad, depressed, lonely, anxious, and stressed. At that time in my life tears were frequent and nothing seemed to bring me joy.  I knew much of this sadness was job related.  I felt that I had met my plateau in nursing. I had always loved my job and felt blessed that I could go to work each day and  love what I did. But it wasn’t there anymore. The joy in nursing was gone.  I knew I was in “nurse  burnout”.

So on a day when I was feeling very low and depressed I googled “Nurse Burnout”. This is how I met Colleen Humphries.  In this depressed, sad state I was in, I emailed her about my hopelessness and feelings of sadness; that the joy was gone in my job.  Her response to me was almost instant.  I received an email asking if she could call so we could talk. Colleen was friendly, kind and knew just the right things to say.  I felt so comfortable talking with her.  She seemed to really understand the sadness I was feeling, that the joy wasn’t there anymore in my nursing job.  She was so comfortable talking about her own experience in nursing burnout.  I had admitted out loud that I was burned out (that was not easy for me to do at that time) and she wasn’t judging me. 

Colleen has been my life coach now for 2 years.  She has been there through my nurse burnout, loss of loved ones, worked with me getting my finances in order, but the most important was working with me on relationships, with my spouse, friends, coworkers, and bosses. She has worked with me to change my energy and my thoughts, and today my life is full of excitement and joy. While life can still be challenging at times, Colleen has given me the tools to live a more abundant and joyful life. 

Since I started working with Colleen, her focus in coaching has changed from Nurse-Burnout to Successful Mindset Coaching.  Now that I have worked through my burnout with Colleen’s guidance,  I am reaching new levels of success in my life, personally and professionally.  The timing was perfect for me.  I love my job and my life today and I am excited to see what else I can create/manifest in my life...” Jodie H from MI

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