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Are you struggling to find love or be loved the way that you want? 

Everybody loves that high-flying feeling of being in love, especially when it's a new romance. To have someone you click with, who 'gets' you, who validates your feelings, who accepts your imperfections, who makes you feel heard is the most wonderful feeling and the most important aspect to creating stability in life. But why does it seem to happen for some and not for others and why does it happen when you're not looking? 

When we are 'in love', we resonate joy, peace, serenity, security, stability, faith, surrender, confidence, receptivity, a will to live and perseverance. These are all positive attributes that align the chakras (energy centers in the body) and contribute to optimum physical health.
This is perhaps why it hurts so much to lose love once we have it. We innately know how vital it is to our survival! 

Take this workshop to learn the techniques you haven't been using that will get you what you want so it can be 'easy' for you to Get the Love you Desire.

"I truly feel that this workshop is a great tool to help others prosper and heal anything within them that they would like to bring to the surface." - Grace, NJ

"I LOVED and learned a lot from the exercises and topics presented!"- Anj

This workshop is 90 min so plan to take time out for yourself and have a notebook to take notes. 



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Do you want to feel loved, find love, feel heard, feel accepted and validated, feel more confident, be more resilient, relieve stress and worry, release self– sabotage, accomplish your goals? 

join us in this 2 hr workshop in person or in the comfort of your home via a LIVE broadcast to explore ways to feel loved and honor yourself.

Loving ourselves is often the most challenging part of life, especially when it is not taught by our caretakers or in schools. Instead we are taught how to please others: at work, at home, in society, etc. Women are at particular risk of giving it all away and losing a sense of self.  Come replenish and have some fun!

By the end, you will feel more:

¨ Grounded and relaxed

¨ Confident

¨ Secure

¨ Positive and optimistic

¨ Light and happy

¨ Pampered

¨ Loved & Supported

"Jakki gave a good, positive presentation. She is open and welcoming and shows 'genuinicity.' The material was well organized and well said."- Dee, NJ


This workshop is 2 hours long so plan to take time out for yourself and have a notebook to take notes. 



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Want to re-connect with your partner in a soulful way?

Would you like to rekindle that spark and better communication?

Discover a deeper connection through these playful exercises and in-depth understanding of love. Enjoy pampering each other with massage techniques and putting each other 1st for these 3 hours. You will each be creating a gift for each other during this event as well.




Come for one workshop for $25, the 1st 2 workshops for $40 or come for the whole day for $90 (pay for couple - $50 and 2 individual passes for earlier classes at $20 each)

Enrollment is needed as space is limited!


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